Class Wiki
Specialized Reading and Math Programs
EDU 418- Drs. Goessling & Rossetti
Fall 2009

Due: 11/16 (418-03 & 05); 11/17 (418-01, 02 & 04)

Many students with disabilities, especially those students receiving services in resource classrooms and self-contained classroom use specialized reading and math programs designed to support instruction for students with learning disabilities. These programs are commercially available, research-based, and used in schools throughout the country. This assignment is an opportunity to educate one another about these specialized programs. Each group will construct a webpage focusing on one specific instructional program as part of our class Wiki on Specialized Reading and Math Programs. Please note that this Wiki can be accessed by others on the internet, and it will be available to you after this semester. Here are the guidelines for this group project:

  • The class wiki is named “specializedreadingmathprograms,” and can be found after logging in at:
  • All student accounts are your ANGEL usernames.
    • Default password is: c0ff33
  • While we are leaving the content of the web pages up to each group, you should be sure to include the following:
    • Descriptive information
      • Name of team members
      • Name of Specialized Program
      • Manufacturer/Producer and website
      • Copyright
      • Cost
    • Brief description of program
      • Primary audience (disability area, grade level, age range, etc.)
      • What is the philosophical background and/or theoretical framework of this specialized program?
      • What literacy/math skills are included?
      • How is this program designed to help students with mild/moderate disabilities?
      • What type of instruction is involved?
    • Visuals
      • Pictures of materials
      • Examples of items/tasks
      • Links to website and other resources
      • Related videos (You Tube, Teacher Tube)
    • Analysis of program- Address the following questions in some way:
      • Is this program research based?
      • Are literacy/math skills integrated or taught in isolation?
      • Does the method incorporate skills in a developmental progression?
      • Does the method provide structured teacher-directed instruction?
      • Does the method provide multi-sensory instruction?
      • Does the method provide opportunities for practice and learning to mastery?
      • Does the method include strategy instruction, development of self-regulation/metacognitive skills?
      • Is the method related to/coordinated with any general education literacy/math curricula?
      • Does the method include an assessment component to screen for placement, and/or monitor progress?
      • What kinds of texts and materials are used?
      • What group size is recommended?
      • What kind of training is necessary for teachers who implement this program?
      • Could this program be used in an inclusive classroom?
      • What are the strengths of the program?
      • What are the weaknesses of the program?
    • Final reflection on specialized program
      • Would you use this program as a first year special education teacher? Why or why not?
    • Complete references for your sources
      • 3 sources, including at least one journal article
      • Include quotes from a teacher who uses the specialized program
        • For purposes of confidentiality, do not use the names of the teacher and school