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EnVision Math

enVision Math Grades K-3: Booklet A-E (Math Diagnosis And Intervention System. Teacher's Guide Part 1)
enVision Math Grades K-3: Booklet A-E (Math Diagnosis And Intervention System. Teacher's Guide Part 1)

Program Name: EnVision Math
By Sara Dion, Kelly Hogan, and Kathryn DeBettencourt
Publisher: Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley

"Envision a math program where pictures do the talking. enVisionMATH is the first math program that develops math concepts through interactive and visual learning."

EnVision Math is a concept-based interactive math program designed for grades K-6. It comes in English and in Spanish. The program contains accommodations and modifications for English language learners and students with disabilities. The program provides teachers with ideas for differentiated instruction for students performing below grade level as well as gifted students. The program emphasizes the use of assessment as an ongoing tool for helping teachers gauge what levels their students are currently performing at. At the end of each lesson is a "Writing to Explain" portion in which the student is asked to explain his or her thought process. EnVision also bases itself around the research-based idea that it is best for teachers to teach the same content to all students while varying the amount of support depending on the students' developmental level.

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EnVision Math in Schools

EnVisionMath is a research based program that centers around the specific curriculum within any given classroom. Over several years of research, the developers of this program have found that students benefit best from the incorporation of pictures and diagrams, assistive technology and hands on materials. In doing this, students are able to develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics in a way that is meaningful and enriching.

In addition, the authors of this particular math program have found that skills are learned best when they build upon previously learned skills, in a developmentally progressive manner. This program breaks skills up into different parts and then each part builds on the previous one until students have fulfilled each of the required parts of the program.

EnVision Math also caters to the specific needs of the teachers in the classroom who are responsible for teaching with this program. Each school that submits to this program has planned curriculum planning periods to discuss how to teach the hands on materials that are incorporated into this program. In addition, there are specific books that teachers are able to use as guidance for this program. Teachers get all the materials that they need and they are directed in how to relay information to students in ways that are innovative and necessary. In addition, teachers receive help in multi-sensory instruction. This programs involved hands on maniplatives, pictures and diagrams as well as assistive computer technology programs for students to use as they develop their mathematics knowledge.
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Each student receives a workbook and a problem-solving handbook. The workbook contains exercises on the topic, while the problem solving handbook teaches problem solving strategies. These strategies include looking for a pattern, drawing a picture, and making a table. It describes each strategy and says when it is best to use each one. This is very helpful because it supplements the content knowledge by actually teaching strategies for struggling students. This program is used with both general education students and special education students, and is based around state standards that the students will be tested on during state testing.
The program provides several opportunities for practice: it comes with an array of overhead manipulatives and manipulatives to use in centers. This is beneficial for students who learn best by seeing and doing. These manipulatives include everything that you would expect in a math curriculum: shape block, base-10 rods, counters, play money, and much more! The program also comes with computer software to compliment textbook instruction. This software includes stories, games, and songs to reinforce the math concepts being taught. This allows students to practice their newly acquired skills in a fun way.
The program really ensures that students have a firm understanding on what they are learning. The worksheets have sections with headings such as “Do you know HOW?” and “Do you UNDERSTAND?” to help develop metacognitive skills. After a while, students will ask themselves if they understand the material without even thinking! This is also useful for enforcing concept-based knowledge; students are able to understand that math needs to make sense, that there needs to be a how and a why.
Progress monitoring and interventions are built right into the program. Each lesson has a “review What You Know” section at the beginning, so as to level the playing field between all students. At the end of each lesson is a “Quick Quiz” to informally and effectively assess student learning. Each lesson comes with ways to differentiate for below-level, on-level, and above-level students. This allows for specialized instruction with the opportunity for flexibility in grouping, since students are assessed after every lesson. The students are given more formal benchmark tests every four chapters. Built-in intervention lessons can be used at any point of the instructional process. This process is laid out in a convenient flow chart that covers the course of the entire school year.
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EnVision Math Training
EnVision Math provides multiple training opportunities in order to accommodate all teachers. This program has face-to-face program training. It works with teachers to teach them how to implement EnVision math into their classroom. These training consultants also work to provide teachers with classroom management techniques and strategies on how to analize student work. In addition to face-to-face training sessions, Pearson also provides online services. Teachers can gain training in EnVision Math through the web with “self-paced modules and instructor-led webinars”. This online training is available at anytime, 24/7. Teacher's can also contact Pearson at anytime through phone or on their website for additional training information. Pearson's goal is to accommodate all teachers and to make sure that all teachers gain the proper training for EnVision Math at their convenience.
There is also an online teacher resources page on the EnVision website that teachers can refer to. Teacher Resources

The strengths of Envision Math are that it is adapted to multiple grade levels. There is a different EnVision Math program of each grade kindergarten through sixth grade. Another great aspect of EnVision Math is that it is provided in both English and Spanish. Through the country there are many school with Spanish speaking students, EnVision makes it possible for these students to learn with their English speaking classmates.

The one weakness about EnVision Math is that it is not translated into languages other than Spanish. It would be a great improvement if this program could be written in other languages as well so that it can be taught to all students no matter what language they speak.

The EnVision Math program can be used in an inclusive classroom. EnVision math is “a math program where every child counts. Data-driven differentiated instruction takes the guess work out of helping students achieve.” Throughout the EnVision Math website it is clearly stated that “EnVision MATH gives every student the opportunity to succeed.”

Final Reflection:
The EnVision Math program is a great math program for a teacher at any point in his or her career. However, in reference to adapting to this program into the first year of teaching, the EnVision Math program provides a vast network of resources and opportunities to encourage a successful year. First year teachers are able to access online training videos and materials as well as on-site training sessions with professionals. As a new teacher, it is often hard to plan enriching lessons with limited materials but Envision math provides lesson ideas and resources to help a teacher allow students to succeed within the classroom. This program is interactive and involves communication at all levels between teachers and students. In addition, EnVision is often adopted by all schools within a district, allowing first year teachers to reach out to their colleagues to develop better lessons with outside support.

"EnVision Math is a program that allows me to focus on the specific needs of the students in my classroom. I have such an array of learners and in order to meet each of my students' needs I need a program like EnVision to outline materials and keep me on track. Overall, this program has been successful in my classroom and I generally only find trouble with a few of the time periods provided for certain concepts." -- Mrs. S* (special education teacher)

Program Authors: Dr. Randall I. Charles, Dr. Randall "Skip" Fennell, Dr. Janet H. Caldwell., Ms. Alma B. Ramirez, Dr. Mary Cavanagh, Ms. Kay B. Simmons, Ms. Dinah Chancellor, Dr. Jane F. Schielack, Dr. Juanita "Nita" Copley, Dr. William Tate, Dr. Warren D. Crown, John A. Van de Walle

Consulting Authors: Dr. Veronica Galvan Carlan, Stuart J. Murphy, Ms. Jeanne F. Ramos

ELL Consultants/Reviewers: Jim Cummins, Ms. Alma B. Ramirez


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