On Demand Services: Training
On Demand Services: Training


by Tom Snyder Productions
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Created by: Meaghan Geislinger, Adam Glick, David Stanton


Product Packages
Unlimited School Plan - $9,000
Classroom Plan (60 student licenses) - $3,000
Special One Computer Version License - $300

Brief Description of the FASTT MATH

_ _ _ _ FASTT, which stands for Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching and Technology, MATH is a computer program that uses game-like instruction to help students build their math fluency. FASTT MATH targets students in grades 2 and up who are struggling with math fluency and automaticity in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students who struggle with math fluency and automaticity are often unable to move onto higher mathematic understanding and reasoning; however, with FASTT MATH are able to improve their fluency and automaticiy and have greater success in more advanced math skills. Students enjoy learning, with FASTT MATH, because rather than drill-and-kill worksheets, students are participating in games and learning at the same time! The FASTT Math program helps all students develope fluency by creating individualized 10-minute daily lessons based on students' individual current levels of performance. Students are eager to use the FASTT Math system because it targets their level of understanding, provides engaging practice games, and motivates students to continue learning. FASTT Math is the perfect companion to any mathematics curriculum. FASTT Math can be set up on any computer, and students need only 10 minutes a day to work with the FASTT program. Additionally, FASTT MATH enables students to focus on higher-order math skills, as well as build their fluency.

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Hear the Author Speak About His Program

_ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ "FASTT Math exceeded our expectations! It motivated our students to learn their facts- they loved it! It amazed us that the students are as excited about the program today as they were when they started it last fall. It energized our math instruction - we can now focus on concepts and not just computation. It supplied us with the progress monitoring data we needed for fluency."--Elementary School Math Coach

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "Everyone at our school is passionate about FASTT Math. Teachers relate that students are rapidly increasing their math fact fluency in just ten fun-filled minutes daily. The reporting features make student progress simple to monitor and are easily understood by parents. Best of all, our students can’t get enough FASTT Math. In fact, given the choice I’d bet that our students would opt for FASTT Math over recess."-
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-- Elementary School Principal

external image fasttmath1-thumb.png?w=240&h=191 external image fasttmath3-thumb.png?w=240&h=199(screen shots from the FASTT Math program)


FASTT Math model
FASTT Math model

Tutorial on how to use FASTT Math

Analysis of Program

- - - - - - The FASTT Math program is a research based program, which allows students to work at their own level and at their own pace. The program is designed to be taught to the individual student, as it can be tailored to any students needs. The program incorporates math skills in a developmental progression. As students begin to show masteracy and fluency in an area, the program is able to keep up with the students progression, and provide new and challenging tasks to help the student develop. FASTT MATH allows students to practice their math and words towards automaticity and fluency at any time of the day: before school, during homeroom, during math centers, during computer lab, etc. The teacher can then monitor the work a student does and if necessary print it out for assessment.

- Technology based and interactive
- Allows for differentiation so students can work at their own pace
- Developmental progression
- Can be used at any time (class, study, free-time)
- Lots of fun for students
- Teachers can print out work

- Pricey
- Requires computers

Final Reflection

- - - - - -This program would be a great addition to any classroom, special education or general education classroom. The program targets students at their level of need and allows them to work at their own pace, mastering the skills necessary to move forward with their math education. This progam would be especially beneficial in the very common over crowded classrooms seen in most public schools today. With the FASTT Math program, students work individually at the computer, giving the teacher the ability to focus their attention on other students, while knowing the students working on the computers are gaining the practice they need.
- - - - - -The FASTT Math program also allows teachers to track the progress their students are making. This allows teachers to see where the learning breakdown is happening, and where their students may need more direct instruction. With the FASTT Math program, teacher do not have to provide tests and collect data, as it is all done on the computer. This saves the teacher a great deal of time, while still providing them with valuable information as to how best help their students succeed.

But would you use it...?
- - - - - -As first year teachers, this is absolutely something we would use. Technology is an extremely important aspect to bring into the classroom because of the possibilities it possesses. It can be fun and educational, while remaining current. FASTT Math is a program that students love to use, and benefit from. With the ability to tailor it to a students needs, it makes it perfect for a special education class room. Also, when students have the ability to monitor their own progress, they take learning into their own hands, which is extremely important for proper development.


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