LiPS- Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program
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Descriptive Information :

Team Members: Danielle D’Amore, Ashley Hinners, Elena Kasparian, Shannon Maloney

Name of Specialized Program: Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPS)

Manufacturer/Producer and website: Gander Publishing,

Copyright: 1998 (Name change from Auditory Discrimination in Depth; created in 1969)

Cost: approx. $350 for individual set, up to $600 for a classroom set

Brief Description of Program:
Primary audience:
Can be used from kindergarten to adulthood for anyone that is struggling with reading and for typical students it can be used K-2 effectively

What is the philosophical background and/or theoretical framework of this specialized program?
The founders had experience with speech-language pathology and working with literacy disorders. The founders believe that language and literacy skills are cognitive acts and that reading methods or strategies don’t address needs of all learners.

What literacy skills are included? Develops phonemic awareness for competence in reading, spelling, and speech

Brochure of LiPS Program- LiPS

Analysis of LiPS Program

Strengths & Weaknesses

Final Reflection

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