Nimble Numeracy

"This book explains how to teach our counting system, how to work with the base- ten place- value system, how to teach adding and subtracting as related operations, and how to teach multiplying and dividing as related operations. A major emphasis is on developing fluent use of the language needed for working in these areas and for communicating with other people about these skills and concepts." - Phyllis E. Fischer

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What is Nimble Numeracy? The Nimble Numeracy program is geared toward improving the math fluency and basic arithmetic skills of students of all ages and levels of learning. There are no specific grade levels targeted, but rather students in general who struggle to master and maintain basic numeracy skills. The goal is for students to become comfortable with numbers and to unlock any mathematical knowledge they may already possess which may be hindered by challenges with written language.
One of the primary skills addressed through Nimble Numeracy is basic familiarity with counting. Chapters are broken down into specific number ranges so students can focus on mastering these numbers before advancing. For example, the first few chapters are titled, “Counting to 19”, “Counting from 20 to 29”, “From 30 to 39”, etc. Later chapters focus on adding and subtracting with regrouping, place values, skip counting, efficient finger addition, and all the way up to multiplication, division, and fractions.
This would be an effective program to help students with mild/moderate disabilities because it has a strong focus on direct instruction, consistent patterns, and repetition. The book also leaves a lot of room for variation, and allows for teachers to use as much or as little from the book as they think their students need. Some students may benefit from teachers following the preset “suggested wording” script, others may do better if the teacher selects specific activities and adapts them according to individual needs.
The program is not limited to individual instruction and can be used in a whole class or small group setting, as well as at home to reinforce skills learned in school.

Analysis of Program:Nimble Numeracy is an easy to use program for parents, teachers, tutors, and anyone else who wants to help children become fluent in their basic arithmetic skills. No training is necessary to use this program. Suggested wording is included for every component, and the wording can be followed exactly, or it can be used as a general guideline for instructors. No materials are needed other than the book and things to count, and the pages can be easily photocopied for the students. It can be used to teach one student, a small group, or a whole class.
It is a research-based program in which the components are taught in a developmental progression. The first skills that are taught are how to count numbers, and then harder concepts are taught, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as the relationships between addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. This program would mostly be used in a resource or self-contained classroom for children who have difficulty understanding the language associated with numbers.


Instruction Using Product:Nimble Numeracy can be used a supplementary tool within a teacher's curriculum. Below is a sample from the program along with examples of how this program can enhance a teacher's lesson.
Integrate Nimble Numeracy into YOUR lessons!

  1. Each morning, the students will have a daily Nimble Numeracy problem. The students will complete the problem as a part of their morning routine. The teacher with monitor the student's progress on the daily problem and give them an opportunity to gain "tokens" for each problem they get correct. At the end of the week the student's will be able to use their tokens at the class store!
  2. The teacher can use the different worksheets for remedial instruction. Especially during Independent work, the teacher can provide each student with problems that are at their skill level. This allows all students to work on their math fluency skills while at their own skill level.

Nimble Numeracy Helps Students Achieve the Following Standards:
NCTM Standard: Number & Operations Instructional programs from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 should enable all students to:
  • Understand numbers, ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers, and number systems
  • Understand meanings of operations and how they relate to each other
  • Compute fluently and make reasonable estimates.

Assessing Students Using Nimble Numeracy:
There are no formal assessments in the Nimble Numeracy program, but instructors can gage student understanding by how well they do on the activities associated with each concept.

Importance of Math Fluency:This video is not specifically about Nimble Numeracy, however it is about a similar program. The emphasis of Nimble Numeracy is math fluency skills. This video outlines the importance of skill as well as introduces some important terms. This video provides a great outline of the important background knowledge regarding fluency, specifically pertaining to the stages of learning. This video supports Nimble Numeracy's claim of fluency-focused instruction. Below the link is a glossary of terms from the video to reference. Through the understanding of this skill and terms encompassed. Importance of Math Fluency Video
Glossary of Terms:
Computational Fluency: Having efficient, flexible, and accurate methods for computing.
Mathematics Fluency: The ability to compute math facts and problem solve with automaticity and confidence. Includes memorization and mathematical memory.

Accredited Program/Related Sources: “.... The book’s strength is that it demonstrates a consistent pattern of instruction. Direct instruction is followed by oral practice and writing numerals and number words. The author discusses areas that might be difficult for students...and suggests how to practice to build fluency.... Teachers of primary and middle elementary grades will find this book useful for developing number concepts and the fluency that children need to build a strong sense of number.” Teaching Children Mathematics
Meet the Mastermind Behind the Product: Dr. Phyllis Fischer wpd81703e2.png

Speed Drills for Arithmetic Facts: Dr. Fischer has also developed this supplementary workbook to go along with Nimble Numeracy and like this program its goal is to help student's gain fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For More Information on this Product

Personal Reflection on this Product:We would use this program as first year special education teachers if any of our students were struggling with obtaining basic math concepts. It is not overly structured and gives a lot of freedom to work with the material that is given. It breaks down elements of numeracy beyond computation, and focuses on aspects such as parts of the written word for a number and their significance, as well as using manipulatives and repetition. These instruction skills are not ones that would be found in a standard text book and could be extremely beneficial in clarifying content so that students do not fall behind in the curriculum.



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